Some of these features are only available in the Pro Version. Check the Downloads page for a comparison between the free version and the pro version.

Combine Files

  • Combine CSS/javascript files into one.
  • Gzip combined javascript or css file.
  • Exclude certain files from the aggregating process if these cause problems.
  • Exclude all files from selected components if plugin doesn't work well with them.
  • Can produce an aesthetic 'flat link' url for aggregated file with the use of htaccess to promote proxy caching.
  • Minify combined css/javascript files.
  • Minify HTML.

Sprite Generator

  • Combine select background images into a sprite.
  • Exclude certain images that didn't sprite well.
  • Include additional images not selected in sprite by default.

CDN/Cookieless Domain

  • Loads static files from a CDN/Cookieless domain you choose.
  • Can choose up to 3 domains.
  • Select which file types are loaded by CDN.

Lazy-load Images

  • Implement lazy loading technique for images embedded in the HTML.
  • Can exclude individual images, folder or class from Lazy load.

Optimize CSS Delivery

  • Eliminate CSS render-blocking.

Optimize Images

  • Optimize images without any visual loss of quality.
  • Option to rescale images prior to optimization.