Installing on WordPress


The free version of JCH Optimize for WordPress is available for download on the WordPress Plugin Directory . There are two ways that you can install the plugin, both from the WordPress Plugin Installation page.

  1. To open the Installation page, click the Plugins menu item while in the administrator section then click on the Add New button.

  2. Install Automatically

    You can install the plugin directly from the Wordpress Plugin Directory.

    1. Search for "JCH Optimize" in the search box labeled Search Plugins.

    2. Click on the Install Now button in the box containing the plugin's info.

  3. Install Manually

    You can also manually install the plugin.

    1. Download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory on to your computer. It will be a zip file.

    2. On the Plugin's Installation page in WordPress, click the Upload Plugin button.

    3. Click the Choose File button to select the file from the location on the computer where you downloaded the zip file and click Install Now to upload and install the plugin from the zip file.

  4. You can now navigate back to the Plugins page to activate and configure the plugin.

Upgrading from Free to Pro Version

To upgrade from the Free Version to the Pro version you must download the Pro version from this website then follow the manual installation steps above to install the zip file.


If you have the free version installed you must uninstall it first to install the Pro version. They are installed in the same directory and WordPress doesn't allow you install into an existing directory.

Alternatively you can unzip the installation file. The plugin files should be in a jch-optimize directory. Upload this directory using FTP under your wp-content/plugins directory. You can overwrite the existing directory if you have the free version installed.

Automatic Updates

You will get a notification while on the Plugins page if a new version of the plugin is available. Just click on the Update Now link that is in the same row as the plugin's information to update the plugin automatically.


To enable automatic updates for the Pro version you need to save your Download ID in the appropriate setting in the plugin on the Pro Features tab. You will find your Download ID in your account area after logging in on this website.


You need an active subscription to access updates of the Pro version otherwise you will get a 403 error.


You can also update manually by unzipping the installation file and uploading the contents via FTP under the wp-content/plugins directory.