Chapter 2. Installation and Upgrade


The Content Management Systems that JCH Optimize currently runs on provides their own installation management feature to install and upgrade plugins and extensions. JCH Optimize can be installed on the respective CMS using these means. We will discuss each in turn here briefly but for more details refer to the documentation or forums of the respective CMS.

Installing on Joomla


Follow the following procedure to install JCH Optimize in the Joomla! platform.

  1. Download the plugin from this website on to your computer.

  2. Navigate to the ExtensionsManage page and select the Upload Package File tab.

  3. Use the Choose File button to select the file from the location on your computer where you downloaded the file then click the Upload and Install button to upload and install the plugin.

  4. You can then navigate to the ExtensionsPlugins page to enable and configure the plugin.

Upgrading from Free to Pro Version

To upgrade to the free version simply install the Pro version and it will overwrite the Free version. That is, download the pro version to your computer and follow the steps above to install the Pro version.

Automatic Updates

You will get a notification in the backend when a new version becomes available.

  1. Navigate to the ExtensionsManage page and click on the Update menu item in the left sidebar to get to the Update page.

  2. If an update is available for the plugin you should see it in the list. Select JCH Optimize in the list and then click the Update button.


To enable automatic updates for the Pro version you need to save your Download ID in the appropriate setting in the plugin on the Pro Features tab. You will find your Download ID in your account area after logging in on this website.


You need an active subscription to access updates of the Pro version and the plugin need to be enabled during the update process otherwise you will get a 403 error.


You can also update manually using the installation steps described. If you're having trouble updating automatically then use the installation steps to update manually. Installing the new version over the old version preserves your setting as long as you don't uninstall the previous version first.