Optimize and Resize Images

Reducing Both the Wieght and Dimensions of Images for Faster Page Load

JCH Optimize provides an easy to use interface to optimize and resize the images on your server on the Optimize Images tab.

  1. Click through the filetree on the left to the folder containing the images to optimize

  2. Select the images or subfolders on the right that you want to optimize. Images in subfolders will be optimized recursively.

    1. To resize the image, enter the new width and height in pixels into the respective texboxes that appear beside the image. The plugin will then resize the image, maintaining the aspect ratio, before the image is optimized.

  3. Click on the Optimize Image button. The plugin will then optimize the selected images and replace the original images with the optimized images. The original images will be saved in a jch_optimize_backup_images folder on the server. This folder will be in the /images folder on Joomla! or the /wp-content folder on WordPress.