Page Cache Configurations

Page cache lifetime

This sets the lifetime of the page cache. This is separate and different from the lifetime set for the combined files and other caching done in JCH Optimize. Whenever a page is cached, the cached version will be used until the lifetime expires, after which the plugin will allow Joomla! to generate the page again and the output is once more cached.

Platform specific

If the website is generating a different output for your mobile devices then you will need to enable this setting so that it will be cached separately from the desktop version. Most times you won't need to enable this as most modern websites use media queries to target different devices.


Enabling this setting will automatically disable the Use HTTP Requests setting.

Exclude form users

Exclude urls

Sometimes some pages just don't work when cached because they may be always showing changing content. If this is not the same for all the pages on the website then you can simply exclude the offending page(s) from page caching by entering any part of the url here. Simply type or copy the search string in the textbox then click the Add item button to add it to the list then save your settings.

Exclude menu items

This setting provides another option for excluding pages but by using the existing menu items on your site. This dropdown list displays a hierarchical list of menu items on your site, simply select the menu items that you want to exclude from caching.

Storage Adapter

Storage adapters refers to available storage resources on your server such as memory or the filesystem. This is identical to the storage handlers in Global Configurations. There are currently two options, the Filesystem, which is the default, or Global, which uses whichever Storage handler is selected in Global Configurations.

The supported adapters are:

  • Filesystem
  • APCu
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • WinCache

Only the handlers that are available for your server will be shown in Global Configurations.

Use HTTP Requests

Will generate static resources to return via HTTP request so pages are shipped without calling PHP again and significantly reduce server response time.

Integrate Mode Switcher

If enabled, then the System - JCH Optimize Page Cache plugin will be enabled/disabled when The JCH Optimize Mode Switcher Module is toggled between Production/Development respectively.