Joomla 4.0.0

Released on: Monday, 17 March 2014 20:00


  • Regexes optimized to enable the plugin to run much faster
  • Support for cURL added to access files on external server and php generated CSS/Js files.
  • Multiselect options now available in backend to select files/extension to exclude from aggregation. This requires cURL or allow_url_fopen to be enabled, otherwise you'll get a textarea to type in the file/extension names.
  • Update server added for automatic updates.
  • Using Joomla! API to access the cached combined file. This is an attempt to make the plugin compatible with extension that changes the default cache location eg. MightySites.
  • Added support for deflate to compress combined file if supported by server and browser.
  • Default option to automatically detect support for url rewriting on installed server so query can be removed from the JCH generated link to combined file to enable proxy caching.
  • Support for data URIs added.
  • Support for Google Maps improved.
  • Support for email cloaking added.
  • [Pro-Version] Can automatically correct the published order of the plugin to ensure correct operation.
  • [Pro-Version] Option to clean plugin and page cache from the backend added.
  • [Pro-Version] Six pre-configured settings now available to simplify configuration of plugin on various sites.
  • [Pro-Version] 'Optimize CSS Delivery' option added. When enabled the plugin will attempt to load only the CSS required to render the page in the head. All other CSS will be loaded aysnchronously by javascript.

JCH Optimize

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JCH Optimize is a Joomla! plugin that speeds up your website by combining javascript and css files into one hence minimizing expensive http requests and optimizing download time.