Joomla 5.0.0

Released on: Tuesday, 01 December 2015 19:00


  • The settings in the backend are rearranged in a more logical and intuitive manner.
  • Option to 'Leverage Browser Cache' for common resource files.
  • Option to correct permissions of files/folders in plugin.
  • Ability to remove files from loading on the page for eg., if you have more than one jQuery libraries or libraries you're not using like Mootools.
  • Psuedo-cron script that flush expired cache daily to reduce the build up of excess cache
  • Support for those pesky Google font files that are always blocking on PageSpeed
  • Added translations for Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Hebrew
  • Support for up to 3 CDN/Cookieless domains and the ability to select the file type to load over CDN (PRO VERSION)
  • Exclude images from Lazy Load based on the folder (useful if you want to exclude all images from an extension), or by the CSS class defined on the image (PRO VERSION)
  • Improved compatibility with slideshows and ajax content with the LazyLoad function and also support for non-javascript users (probably some mobile) (PRO VERSION)
  • Developed our own API for optimizing images so we'll no longer be using (PRO VERSION)
  • Added functionality to recursively optimize images in subfolders (PRO VERSION)
  • Can scale images during optimization if image dimensions are larger than required. (PRO VERSION)
  • Optimized/resized images will be automatically backed up in a folder. (PRO VERSION)
  • Other improvements to existing features and various bug fixes.

JCH Optimize for Joomla!

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JCH Optimize is a Joomla! plugin that speeds up your website by combining javascript and css files into one hence minimizing expensive http requests and optimizing download time.