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How to Prevent the Plugin Cache from Growing Excessively

Sometimes after installing and configuring the plugin you'll find that the plugin's cache folder in Cache Manager is showing an abnormally high number of cache files and size. This should be managed as this can cause you to exceed your allocated disk space by your hosting company and it could be an indicator that you are not benefitting from the plugin in terms of increased page load.

It's normal for the plugin to generate some amount of cache files. The plugin will typically generate two cache files for each page, one for the combined contents of the CSS files and the other for the Javascript files. It's very likely that it's much less than this but anything up to this amount can be considered normal.

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How to Configure the Plugin for Optimum Settings

The first thing to do before trying to configure the plugin is to check for errors on your site in the javascript console. You should resolve these errors first as it can be difficult or virtually impossible to configure the plugin with these errors. This is because if you include the file(s)/script(s) in the combined file with these errors they will cause the combined file to fail, affecting the functionaility of the other contents in the combined file.

Alternatively, If you don't know how to resolve these errors, then you should enable the 'Use try-catch' setting in Advanced Options and/or exclude the file(s)/script(s) containing errors from the aggregation process of the plugin. Remember though that by excluding files you make it less likely that the plugin can be configured with optimum settings so the recommended approach is to resolve any existing errors on the site.

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How to Resolve Conflicts with Third Party Extensions

If you're trying to configure the plugin on a site with only native extensions and with a template from a professional designer, and there are no errors in the javascript console to begin with, then there's a good chance that one or more of the Automatic Settings will work for you, or quite possibly even the 'Optimum' setting. However most websites require more functionalities than what is provided by the bare Joomla! install and these are provided by third party extensions. If something looks different after enabling the plugin or some functionality is impaired for eg. your slideshow stops working, then the plugin is conflicting with a third party extension.

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