Sunday, September 21, 2014


About JCH Optimize


JCH Optimize is a Joomla! system plugin that can optimize web page downloads by aggregating and minifying css and javascript files found in the head section of the web page. By combining these files together as one you minimize the total amount of http connections that has to be made in downloading a webpage and utlimately reduce the total download time. The download is further optimized and speedened by an option to minify the aggregated css or javascript file or even the html output. For a more detailed description on the inner workings of the plugin, read the section on how the plugin works.


  • Combine javascript/css files into one
  • Combine background images into a sprite
  • Minify aggregated files
  • Gzip combined javascript or css file
  • Exclude certain files from the aggregating process if these cause problems
  • Exclude all files from selelcted components if plugin doesn't work well with them
  • Can produce an aesthetic 'flat link' url for aggregated file with the use of htaccess to promote proxy caching


Installation is like any other Joomla! extension. Just download the zip file and use the Joomla installer to install. From the administrator panel, choose Extensions -> Install/Uninstall and then using the upload package option just click choose file to find the location of the downloaded zip file to upload and install.