• Speed up your Website

    JCH Optimize provides several front end optimizations for faster download speeds for your Joomla!, WordPress, Magento or Drupal website including minimizing http requests and reducing your web page sizes.
  • Retain your Website Visitors

    Research has indicated that visitors start leaving your website if they have to wait more than 4 seconds for the page to download. Use JCH Optimize to reduce bounce rate and start making your goal conversions.
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine giant, Google has indicated that web site speed affects search engine ranking. This means the faster your websites, the easier it is for your customers to find you. Use JCH Optimize to start ranking higher than your competitors now.
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Supported Frameworks

Joomla!  WordPress  Magento  Drupal

  • Minimize Http Requests
  • Reduce Page Size
  • Enhance User Experience
  • User Friendly

Minimize Http Requests

As a rule of thumb, every ten HTTP requests the browser makes to download your web pages adds another second to your download time. JCH Optimize uses boiler point code to combine your files safely to reduce HTTP requests with minimal occurrences of conflicts.


Combine multiple CSS and javascript files into one file respectively to reduce http requests.


The Sprite Generator automatically combines select background images into a sprite.

Lazy Load*

The lazy load image function defers the loading of images until they are scrolled into view.

Reduce Page Size

Reduction of web page size is an integral optimization technique. This means faster download time and reduced bandwidth usage for your hosting account. JCH Optimize reduce page size by minifying and compressing your files and HTML pages.


Remove unnecessary whitespaces and characters from CSS and Javascript files and the HTML pages.


Compress the combined CSS and javascript files with Gzip compression to further reduce file size

Optimize Images

Provides an easy to use interface for optimizing the images on your server using our own API.

Enhance User Experience

Your site visitors expect your site to load quickly and research has indicated that users tend to leave the site if the pages takes more than 4 seconds to load. Use JCH Optimize to get your content to your users quicker and retain your web-site visitors.


Defer or load the combined javascript file asynchronously to reduce javascript render-blocking.

Optimize CSS Delivery

Use cutting edge code to optimize the delivery of CSS over your website to reduce CSS render-blocking .

CDN Support*

Use CDN to serve static files from a server that is closest to the user to reduce network latency.

User Friendly

Combining and configuring CSS and javascript files can be a daunting task. To make this easy, there are six Automatic Settings to configure the plugin in addition to extensive documentation complemented by premium ticket support if you run into any trouble.

Automatic Settings

Don't worry about the granular settings. Choose the Automatic Setting that works best for your site.


Read our extensive documentation on how to use and configure the plugin and resolve conflicts.

Premium Support

Having conflicts you can't resolve? Submit a ticket and we'll configure the plugin on your site.


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What People are Saying About Us

If you do an analysis of your website with Google PageSpeed, You are likely to see as one of the recommendations highlighted for optimizing your site: "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content". This tutorial will describe how to address that using the JCH Optimize plugin.

The screenshot above shows the link generated to the combined files by the plugin because the plugin is enabled. If the plugin was not enabled you would see the CSS and javascript files that were originally on the page so this is not a condition created by the plugin.

First of all, let's try to understand what this means. Now when the browser is downloading and rendering your webpage, whenever it encounters a link tag to a CSS file or script tag to a javascript file, it downloads and executes the file before continuing to parse the rest of the document. Since most times these tags are in the head section of the page, then all of these files will have to be executed before the user can begin to see anything on your page. This is referred to as "Render-blocking".

What Google is suggesting, is that it may not be necessary to download some of these files before rendering your content to your users. If you could defer some of this download until after the user starts viewing your page then you could give your users an enhanced user experience and create the distinct impression that your page is downloading faster. It's important, I think, to note that in doing so your total page load time may not be less, because these files will still be donwloaded, but your users will begin to view your web site's content quicker.

Remove render-blocking JavaScript

The Premium and Optimum Automatic Settings available in the Pro version remove render-blocking javascript by placing the combined javascript at the bottom of the page just before the ending body tag. This is most times sufficient to eliminate javascript render-blocking but the Optimum setting takes it a step further by adding the 'defer' and 'asnyc' attributes to the script element. The defer attribute will cause the script to be executed AFTER the page has loaded, and the async attribute will cause the script to be executed WHILE the rest of the document is being parsed. Both attributes effectively achieves the same goal of eliminating render-blocking but are both present for full cross-browser compatibility. Admittedly, since the script is already at the bottom of the page, at this point this is not much more optimization but can make a difference for some websites.

Please note that this does not apply to files that have been excluded from the plugin. These files will remain in their original location and if in the head of the document, will still be blocking. Additionaly, maybe some files are being loaded from other javascript codes. Because these files are not embedded in the HTML, they can not be optimized by the plugin and will remain blocking.

Optimize CSS Delivery

The Optimize CSS Delivery setting in Pro Options, also available only in the Pro version will address the CSS render-blocking issue. This setting attempts to extract the critical CSS required to display the page above the fold and inline this CSS in a style declaration block in the head of the document. The rest of the CSS will be loaded via javascript after the page has rendered. Since there is no reliable way server side to determine which part of the document falls above the fold, the plugin offers a number of settings in a drop down list that corresponds to the number of elements in the document starting from the top that the plugin will find and extract CSS values for. Try to choose the appropriate value for your site. You want the extracted critical CSS to be as small as possible but if it is too small and doesn't provide CSS for the entire portion above the fold then you will see some 'jumping' of the website while it is loading.

Again, this only works with CSS that is combined by the plugin. Excluded files will remain in the head. Google fonts files are excluded by default by the plugin because they load font types based on the browser that accesses the file. If these files are combined and cached, the fonts will show incorrectly in some browsers.

  • A pretty nice and simple plugin that can speed up your website considerably by minimizing HTTP-requests and size, optimizing Javascript, etc. Simon Kloostra SEO Specialist, JoomlaSEO.com
  • A reliable and indispensable tool for optimizing all our web-sites for fast download speed and SEO with expert and professional support. Jeff Henry President, Thinkbigshot.com
  • A must-have extension! I use it in all my projects and recommend it in my workshops. It improves the performance of the web-sites significantly. Viktor Vogel Joomla! Specialist, Kubik-Rubik.de
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