JCH Optimize Documentation

Samuel Marshall


This book documents how to use and configure JCH Optimize to optimize your web pages for fast download. This document covers how to install, configure and use the plugin on the Joomla!, WordPress, Magento, and Drupal frameworks and how to troubleshoot and resolve conflicts with other third party extensions or functions.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
About JCH Optimize
Optimizations Performed By JCH Optimize
Benefits of Using JCH Optimize
Free Version Available
Server Environment Requirements
2. Installation, Upgrades, Updates and Support
Upgrading from Free to Pro Version
Automatic Updates
3. Using the JCH Optimize Component
The Dashboard
Combine Files Automatic Settings
Utility Tasks
Basic Features
Advanced Features
The Optimize Images Page
Optimize Images Utility Settings
Optimize Images By URLs
Optimize Images By Folders
The Page Cache Page
The Options Page
Miscellaneous Settings
Exclude menu items
4. Accompanying Extensions
The JCH Optimize Mode Switcher Module
Page Cache Integration
Further Configuring the Mode Switcher Module
The System - JCH Optimize Plugin
Ordering the JCH Optimize Plugin
The System - JCH Optimize Page Cache Plugin
Noteworthy Features
HTTP Request
Excluding Form Users
Page Cache Configurations
The User - JCH Optimize User State Plugin
The Console - JCH Optimize Plugin
Using the Joomla CLI Application
The Recache CLI Command
5. Optimizing Your Site With JCH Optimize
Using PageSpeed To Measure Performance
Field Data
Lab Data
Performance Diagnostics
Performance Score
Optimizing Your Site
First Contentful Paint
Time to Interactive
Speed Index
Total Blocking Time
Largest Contentful Paint
Cumulative Layout Shift
Minify CSS and JavaScript
Excluding Files And Inline Scripts
Eliminate Render Blocking
Eliminate CSS Render Blocking
Eliminate JavaScript Render Blocking
Reduce Unused CSS
Reduce Server Response
Optimize Fonts
Optimize Google Fonts
Add Image Attributes
Defer Offscreen Images
Optimize .htaccess
Enable Text Compression
Leverage Browser Caching
Preload Critical Resources
Efficiently Encode Images
Serve Images in Next Generation Formats
Properly Size Images
Reduce Unused JavaScript
Use a Content Domain Network (CDN)/Cookie free Domain
6. Troubleshooting Guide
Resolving Conflicts by Excluding Offending Files
The Plugin Cache is Growing Excessively
No change after enabling the plugin. Is it working?
Website's display messed up after enabling plugin (No CSS Formatting)