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Free Pro Developer
Combine Files Feature
Minify combined files and HTML
Extend files search to <body> section of HTML
Defer or load JavaScript asynchronously
Smart Combine Feature
Add Image Attributes Feature
Sprite Generator Feature
HTTP/2 Preload Feature
Include/Exclude files from Preload
Preloads added for CDN files
Preload JavaScript modules
CDN Feature
Set http scheme for CDN
Add preconnect for CDN domains
Add up to three CDN domains
Add custom extension to CDN
Lazy-Load Feature
Exclude images
Exclude folders and classes
Lazy-load iframes
Lazy-load audio and video elements
Lazy-load background images
Optimize CSS Delivery Feature
Reduce Unused CSS
Page Cache Feature
Exclude pages by URL, menu items or components
Serve cache with server using HTTP Request
Separate caching for mobile devices
Use Redis, Memcached, APCu, or WinCache storage adapter if available
Mode Switcher Feature
Optimize Fonts Feature
Force swap policy on font files
Reduce Unused JavaScript Feature
Exclude critical JavaScript
Optimize Images Feature
Generate WEBP format images
Resize images
Developer Account
Licensed for use on clients sites
Access to plugin on all platforms
Add-on Download IDs for use on clients' sites
Pricing US$0 US$39/yr US$119/yr