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JCH Optimize improves your website's Web Vitals and PageSpeed scores by performing several optimizations to the HTML to increase download speed and provide a better user experience.

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How does it work?

JCH Optimize makes it easy even for non-technical persons to optimize their sites


Install the plugin into your CMS website like any other plugin


With just a few clicks, apply the features you need for your site



JCH Optimize automatically optimizes your pages for faster downloads.


JCH Optimize automatically applies several optimizations to your webpages to improve website performance



Unnecessary whitespaces and other characters are removed from your CSS/JS/HTML to reduce size.

Eliminate Render-blocking

Eliminate Render-blocking

Critical CSS in inlined and Javascript and non-critical CSS deferred to eliminate render-blocking.



Loading of media assets below the fold are deferred to lower Time to Interactive, improving user experience.

Optimize Images

Optimize Images

Image sizes are reduced by efficiently encoding and resizing and can be converted to next-gen formats for better compression.


CDN Loading

Urls to static assets are rewritten to load from your CDNs, reducing latency to users geographically far away.

HTTP/2 Preload

HTTP/2 Preload Loading

Key assets are preloaded on HTTP/2-enabled servers to prioritize important requests, resulting in faster page loads.

Htacces Optimization

Htaccess Optimization

Adds configuration codes to your .htaccess files to leverage efficient browser caching policy on Apache servers.

Excellent Compatibility

Excellent Compatibility

Compatible with most templates or extensions, and conflicts can be easily resolved through exclusions of certain assets.

Premium Support

Premium Support

Get assistance within one business day from the developer to configure and resolve issues if you’re stuck or if you need advice.

Supported Frameworks

JCH Optimize is currently supported on the following CMS frameworks.





Speed Improved Features

Why Use JCH Optimize?

Research has indicated that 40% of visitors will leave a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to download. Also Google and other search engines have indicated that website download speed will be increasingly factored into their ranking algorithms.

Improved User Experience

Make your users happy with the download speed of your website.

Improved SEO

Increase your rankings in Google and other search engines

Improved Conversions

Retain your customers and increase your website revenue!

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