Joomla 6.0.0

Released on: Thursday, 20 February 2020 19:00


  • Changed avaliability of some features. Some features that were Pro only are now free.
  • Renamed tabs in Settings page.
  • Corrected W3C validation issue with Lazyload.
  • Corrected and modified mime type in codes to optimize .htaccess.
  • Added option to remove unused CSS. This is added as an additional setting in the Optimize CSS Delivery feature.
    Pro Version
  • Added separate setting to lazy-load iframes in Lazy-load Images feature.
    Pro Version
  • Different hash generated for multiple combined files.
  • All excluded and combined javascript files are placed at the bottom of the page with settings Premium and above.

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JCH Optimize is a Joomla! plugin that speeds up your website by combining javascript and css files into one hence minimizing expensive http requests and optimizing download time.